Monday, February 19, 2007


Thursday, February 15, 2007



1. Weird things have been happening (e.g. see #2, #3)
2. LBJ is in a slump
3. Toronto is on a roll
4. I just wanna bang on the drum all day
5. T minus 3 weeks
6. I need to find a new career ASAP
7. PA day tomorrow, day I have been looking forward to for 2 months
8. Maybe actually going out on Saturday
9. I wanna go snowboarding
10. I am addicted to TV and online streaming TV and TV that can be downloaded
11. Columbus area schools have been shut down for days due to "cold"...our kids still go out for RECESS if it is -20C or warmer. Whatta bunch of wimps.
12. However, yet another thing to add to the short list of reasons why to move to the states (Ericson, I heard you might stay there?! Turned to the darkside...)
13. List of reasons why to move to the USA:
a. Lots of holidays of dead people, presidents, all the presidents on one day, explorers, people on coins, the guy who operates the laundromat, anything really to celebrate the grandiosity of the country...
b. The "snow day/cold day" no school thing (but this only applies if you are between the ages of 5-18 or are an employee at the school)
c. ...and that's a wrap