Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Found this on Aprile's page!

TEN Random Things About Me
10. I'm an Occupational Therapist (WDH)
9. I used to have a plastic green turtle box filled with costume jewelry and my favorite "piece" was the metallic pink fake pearls
8. I hate ketchup
7. I'm married to Lebron James
6. Lindsay and I used to listen to BSB's "How Did I Fall in Love With You" lying on her bed with our glasses off so that the glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling would be blurry. Sigh.
5. I really like Asian Legend
4. I'm
3. Getting
2. Bored
1. Now

NINE Places I've Visited
9. California
8. Italy
7. France
6. England
5. Finland
4. Sweden
3. Estonia
2. New York
1. Ohio? :)

EIGHT Things I want to do before I die
8. Climb one of the top three tallest mountains in the world
7. Explore each continent (Antarctica doesn't reaaaally count...does it?)
6. Have a few different careers (or at least stick to one I like)
5. Read one book per month
4. Be knowledgable so that when people ask me what I think about the Conservative Party platform I can give a well-versed response
3. Go to another O-Town concert (this may not be possible)
2. Go back to school
1. Go to the Final Four in Indy

SEVEN Ways to win my heart
7. This
6. One
5. Is
4. Cheesy
3. And
2. Really
1. Depressing

SIX Things I believe
6. That everything happens for a reason (it's true)
5. That people are stupid
4. That the media controls the universe
3. That we always think we know but we have no idea
2. That religion is dead and we have all become "followers" a different sense of the word
1. That people abuse religion and use it as an excuse

FIVE Things I'm afraid of
5. That the Lakers will win another friggin' championship
4. That moral decay will eventually lead us to be unable to distinguish between right, wrong, and justifiable
3. That I won't "have time to" do the stuff listed in number 8
2. That Delly will die a second time
1. That one day we will be without clean air and clean water

FOUR of my Favorite Items in my bedroom
4. My desk
3. My filing cabinet
2. My fax machine
1. My bed

THREE Things I do everyday
3. Waste time online and in front of the TV
2. Think about starting to work out again
1. Drive (a lot)

TWO Things I am trying not to do right now
2. Waste time online
1. Fall asleep

ONE Person I want to see right now
1. Puneet :(

Monday, August 28, 2006


So I got a referral today for a 1 year old Cerebral Palsy kid. Priority.

Time to google Cerebral Palsy.

Like I said, trust me with your children.

Last bball playoff game Tuesday, J.Lo + Kultura Thursday, JGW Il Fornello + C-Lounge Saturday...

Montreal Sept 8-10, Kingston Sept 15-17, Triplet Reunion Sept 22-24, Enrico Reunion...??


Saturday, August 26, 2006

My life is complete


What should I do now?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Delly is dead, I dropped him. His is in the process of receiving a new motherboard. I hope he is ok so my bank account will be ok too.

Hmm...lots going on this weekend. Gayface is coming up so I'm excited. CNE on Friday. Steph is coming up Saturday so Milestones and The Maddy? Maybe Kensington with Gayface during the day. Sunday work probably and maybe Shakespeare in the Park. Next week will be pretty chill with work so that's nice. However, that also means no money making. Prepare for licensing results in the next week or so. HUMDINGEROO.

My life is boring. I took a walk to Main Street by myself today because it was sunny out and I didn't want to waste it. I have a lot of work to do but I'm lazy and procrastinating. I wonder if my bosses realize I am sending faxes over at 230am. BAHAHA.

So I wish I could post pics but my comps dead. Game night was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Taboo - Enter: Boys Team
Paul: Sanitary napkin
Jay/Vince/Chris: Wet nap???!

You guys are too good.

Hmmm...I'm gonna go see whats on TMN On Demand now.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A lot of stuff

So much random stuff to update on.

1. SF and Yooooosemite were awesome-o. More on this later.

2. My high school is shutting down? WDH. They sold the property for $40M to Tyndale. What the. That is sad. No more watermelon lockers. No more chillin' like villains in the L and N hallways. No more melt in your hands, mouth and all over your shirt chocolate chip cookies that will stop your heart one day. No more sugar butter croissants. No more gym with only 13 pennants in 40 years. No more no more no more! SADDD!!!


3. My 5 year old cousin told me she went to arts camp and made a comic book with 3 other girls in her group. It was about 4 best friends (makes sense). I asked her if it was about the 4 of them. She said "we made them on max". I was like WDH. Then she proceeded to tell me that Macs are indeed white Apple computers. Computer lesson from a kindergartener. Am I prehistoric? Then she told me she wants a Nintendo DS. And that some of her friends have 5 Tamagotchis. At least I knew that the latter was.

4. My favourite watch is broken. Someone fix it.

5. Rogers Cup tomorrow. Why is Canada always shafted and Agassi and Roddick pull out at the last minute. SUCKS.

6. My neck and back hurt from that bed in Yosemite.

7. I really hope I passed my licensing exam. T-minus 3 weeks.

8. I've gone to 4 basketball games and missed 2. We've lost 4 and won 2. Is this coincidence or a sign?

9. I missed dinner and I'm starvationing. I could use two double cheeseburgers from In 'n' Out.

10. Goodnight.