Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Life

So life has been hectic since I've gotten back to Toronto. Let's see. Packing and loading up the car for a million hours on Saturday in the rainy rain. Forgot a rack and had to tie it to the van with "string", ai yah. Travelling in the pouring rain back to Toronto and almost got in many accidents along the way because of the poor conditions. Cobourg is far from Markham, how am I supposed to drive there everyday? Sad. Anyway, got home in one piece. Sunday: lounged, watched playoffs, watched aka cried from beginning to end (in) Million Dollar Baby, drank 3 glasses of Chardonnay at home and then went for bubbletea with Janice G. Wong and JayS. Started work again at the Gap here on Monday, 40 hours this week. I wanna die. I hate the girls there. They are so rude. So what if you're ugly? Tried to watch a lot of basketball games but fell asleep during the 4th quarter of Mavs/Houston. Such a good game apparently. Today I went to work again (surprise!) and ate Swiss Chalet and then went swimming (not a good idea after Swiss Chalet). I haven't swam since I was 14 and I did 2 laps and I just about passed out (it's Olympic-sized I'm sure of it). No amount of weights, running miles or anything could help me with that. Then I went to see The Interpreter. Wanted Congee Wong after but got there at 12:17am and they said they were closing in 15 minutes even though the sign said 1am.

Friggin' racists.

Friday, April 22, 2005


I can't believe it. It's sort of anti-climatic though. I feel normal. Probably because I'm real sleepy. I'm going for some gym fun soon, which I'm really looking forward to because I've already missed 2 days this week! IN A ROW!

Yay for Triplet fun tonight!!! Can't wait! Dinner, drinks, drunk, party!! I really want to take a nap, but at this point, I don't think I'd wake up.

Things to look forward to in the next four months:
  • Pediatric placement
  • Being back in Toronto for a couple months
  • Sunshine
  • Beach volleyball on a real beach (I still love you though, Kew Beach)
  • Shopping at stores other than Gap, Three, Shoppers Drug Mart, and the dollar store
  • Birthdays - Princess, Garlok, Amy, J.Lo, Lisa, Eric, J.Cho, Lindsay, Eunice, me!
  • Blue skies
  • Non-failure
  • Tennis, golf, swimming, rollerblading, cycling, hiking, basketball with my brother's new pimpin' basketball
  • Partying with Princessy and Scarlett in the T.Dot and Vancouver
  • Vicky!!!!
  • Brother + sister bubbletea and all-you-can-eat sushi
  • NO SCHOOL FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!! No MCAT, no Stats, no friggin' Organic Chemistry!! I hate you, Science.

    When you’re on a golden sea
    You don’t need no memory
    Just a place to call your own
    As we drift into the zone

  • Thursday, April 21, 2005

    Hop on the MAC-wagon

    The Italian philosopher, Umberto Eco, once wrote, tongue only partly in cheek, that Macintosh is Catholic while Microsoft computers are Protestant.

    Macs, Umberto Eco opined, were "cheerful, friendly, conciliatory," traits he associated with Catholicism. More to the point, though, their way of operating was different from Microsoft's, giving more guidance to users.

    Macs would, as Umberto Eco put it, "tell the faithful how they must proceed step by step to reach - if not the Kingdom of Heaven - the moment in which their document is printed".

    He saw that as like Catholicism, in contrast to the Protestant faith which he thought, like Microsoft computers, would "allow free interpretation of scripture, demand difficult personal decisions... And take for granted that not all can reach salvation. To make the system work you need to interpret the program yourself".


    I believe iPods are overrated.

    (Probably because I don't have one.)

    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    Haiku me, originals by JSL

    Oh I love red wine
    And hanging out with Triplets
    Watch the film Sideways

    Mussels are yum
    Ate lots of food in our tum
    Sickitating, yes

    Wednesday at 7PM
    ...practically Thursday!

    Time to open books
    Yeah right, who am I kidding
    Good night, my lovelies

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    Elixirage fun!

    Pre-pre-party, where Stella got drunken already (refer below)

    Oh, Princess

    "Watermelon colors"...not even planned, I think we're destined to be friends

    Half of the watermelon

    Our only white friends other than...okay no really, that's it


    I like Jodie

    Me and "cousin" Kev!

    Triplets and's not that I don't have any's a small picture

    Vogue Charity Fashion Show

    Would you be mad if I referred to you as Mario for the rest of our lives?


    Grappa + me


    At 181

    Hi Enrico!

    Please refer back to 2nd picture

    Monday, April 18, 2005

    Hum dinger

    I'm finding my way back to sanity, again
    Though I don't really know what
    I am gonna do when I get there
    Take a breath and hold on tight
    Spin around one more time
    And gracefully fall back in the arms of grace

    - Breathing, Lifehouse

    Tuesday morning - death
    Wednesday night - death
    Friday morning - death


    Sunday, April 17, 2005

    I think I'm in love (again and more so now)

    So today at the Gap I'm at the cash, and I turn around and I see the hottest guy I've ever seen in Kingston. I love him. I've seen him once before and I remember I asked him how his jeans fit and he needed a new size so I got him one!! He wears the Worker jean (my personal favorite...I think we're destined for each other), I forgot what size but if I see him again I'll be sure to let you all know. He looks like a 33x34. I wish I could have snuck a picture of him to remember him by. I usually don't work weekends so this is only the 2nd time I've seen him in the 8 months that I've been working there. He has the nicest smile, he's tall, shaved head, Chinese I believe, wears a black backpack, shops @ the don't think he's gay, do you? Ahhh...that would be the worst news of my life. He has a basketball player's build. Pretty built, but tall and lean not short, stumpy, and gross (AHEM AHEM AHEM). I wish Blogspot freaking had those emoticons so I could give this post a million hearts and kisses.

    Forget Billy, I heart someone new now.

    I love you Gap boy.

    Saturday, April 16, 2005


    "You must never feel badly about making mistakes," explained Reason quietly, "as long as you take the trouble to learn from them. For you often learn more by being wrong for the right reasons than you do by being right for the wrong reasons."

    - Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth

    What a turbulent, drama-filled, self-identity-finding, precious 3 years filled with new experiences all around. Regardless of the idiotic things that have happened I am more than happy to be where I am right now. I went from being hardcore nerd/jock/extracurricular participator to idiot to...content. Princess told me the other day that I do everything in excess - gym, work, read about sports, watch basketball, msn, eat...procrastinate. I guess that's true. And I like it that way. She told me last night that if I do everything in excess then it's not really in excess - it's in moderation relative to me. Anyway, I like being busy. I like having a schedule everyday and knowing what I'm going to do. This year I got to go snowboarding for the first time (thanks MEEEEOW!), rock climbing, actually get drunk drunk (I never knew what it was before I met Scarlett and Princess, I guess), see my Vicky @ Western, went to Montreal with the girls, got good marks, partied hard, crammed hard, met awesome friends (I heart my triplets!), reconnected with old ones :), and much much more. I am so thankful for all of that. After what was probably the worst, most stressful, time-consuming, all encompassing year of my life...I am more than grateful God gave me some happiness in the recent months. Thank you to all the people I met this year, thank you to all the old people I neglected who have forgiven my absence from life, thank you to Heinekin, Elixir, Inside, Afterlife, ESPN, GoodLife, Sean May, Roy Williams, Tiger Woods, Jude Law, Dr. Anne Salter, LeBron James, Pope John Paul II, Jimmy Carter, Jacques Chirac + the French government, and Bill Clinton.

    I've learned that no matter how down you are, how sad you are, how mad you disappointed you goes on. You pick up the pieces of what was once you, you put them back together, and in the reconstruction process, you make it even better. Never lose sight of who you are. Cherish moments for what they are and accept them for that alone. Find a brief glimmer of light in the darkest of situations. My yoga teacher told me that life was like a pendulum. When you find yourself at one extreme end of unhappiness, remember that in time, it is bound to swing to the other side. I would say I'm in the middle now...swingage is imminent.

    As the year comes to a close, I would just like to say that it's been awesome. One more semester and then life begins.

    I have big plans.

    Monday, April 11, 2005


    As we grow older we change. It’s one of the only constants in life. Things are bound to change. Some will cling on to the ideology of yesteryear. Others will forget the lessons of yesterday in search of new tomorrows. Somewhere in the middle are a smaller sect of society that will apply yesterday’s rules, and traditions to the new rising sun. The true test in life is how we deal with, and meet change.


    Well today was such a crappy day. I hate the Gap...they make crappy clothes, crappy managers, crappy mccrap crap everything. I'm not going to go into the story but I was very frustrated. And I bought some stuff after to make myself feel better. Assholes. They already pay me crap then make me feel like crap then make me spend my crappy paycheque on crappy clothes. CRAP.

    Time to drink my sorrows away at bubbletea with Princess. I'm so sleepy and I have to do laundry now. I hate Group Theory and Process. What the heck does that mean anyway. I like Kinder Surprise chocolate too. Just the chocolate. Those toys are too frigging hard to make - how do they expect kids to do it??

    More later...

    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    On to the next obsession... that NCAA is over...I shouldn't waste time depressed.

    Masters started off today with Woods teeing off at 1-something pm. He's struggling though as he and Els are not even on the top 25 after Day One at Augusta. Far from it, actually...
    We'll see...Tiger has been quite disappointing as of late. Well whatever, he's making 100 million from Nike alone. I wish someone paid me to wear their clothes. Except for maybe Northern Reflection. But anyhoo, school's 2 classes away from being over...and I'm quite excited! Feeling bleh about exams...looking forward to home!

    Definitely looking to this weekend! Vogue + Elixir + Shopping + J. Lo and Jess dinner + drunken fun?


    Wednesday, April 06, 2005

    All-time low...

    So...I've spent the last little while reading about ball...but as I was searching for information about the Fab Five on Google I came across:

    Please visit if you would like to waste 1/2 an hour of your life.

    An excerpt:

    1. chinkgger

    An asian who believes they are of the black race.

    The chinkgger said he'd cut me if I didn't give him his math book back, but he couldn't reach my neck.

    Source: CONCERNED CAUCASIAN, May 20, 2003


    It's been awhile since I've written in here!
    Hello, friends.

    Rock climbing on Sunday was sick...what was even better were the 6 slices of pizza I ate after. My sleeping and eating schedules are completely messed up. Since I went out Friday, worked Saturday + watched NCAA + Sin City + did nothing, and went rock climbing Sunday...I stayed up till 6am Monday night (Tuesday morning) writing my damn group therapy protocol.'s all good 'cause as you can see from the picture, my Tar Heels prevailed just like I predicted :)

    Tomorrow - Farah's goodbye! :(
    Friday - Vogue Fashion Show + Elixir :)
    Weekend - ????

    Anyway, now that NCAA is over for the year...I guess it's back to NBA. BOOOORING...but the next best thing!

    Today is 17 degrees. I want to jump in the lake.

    Sunday, April 03, 2005

    Scariest day of my life...

    So there's a side door to my leave through one door (Door One) and you go down some stairs and exit through another door (Door 2). Well we used it all the time because it is sort of a shortcut. So today on my way to get some coffee @ Starbucks, I went down my usual way. However, Door 2 is broken. It doesn't open. Door One does not have a handle on the other side of the door. So basically I'm stuck. In any other case, I would have used my cell phone to call Lise to open the door...but my cell phone was dead at such a crucial moment in time...what are the chances? So my neighbor's door has a second door that faces this stairwell and I knock, but he isn't home. SHIT. So I see a stairwell and another door so I start knocking frantically on it. Some white trash dude with a mean face opens it up and asks me what I want. I told him what the problem was and asked if I could go to the street through his house. He said, and I quote, "Yeah the door is fucked because you guys keep fucking with it." So I'm like...I'm really sorry, but I'm essentially stuck between these doors. And he's like well thats too bad. And I'm thinking in my dramatic head...okay so...basically I'm going to die. No one ever comes down here, I have no phone and this dude just stepped out of a trailer. So I basically plead with this guy to let me into his house to use his phone at least to call Lisa. Reluctantly he does, all the while his dog is snarling at me behind him. So I go inside and he has a pretty nice house...clean, well furnished...two story apartment. His wife was like there's a payphone at the corner of the street. In my head of course since I was in a pickle already, I was like "woman...if I could frigging get to the corner of the street we wouldn't be having this conversation." Then she said to her husband: "make sure she doesn't use long distance". What the hell?? But anyway, I call Lisa, and if things can't get any worse, she doesn't pick up the phone. So I'm talking on the machine like...PLEASE LISA IF YOU'RE THERE PICK UP THE PHONE...and I call back and Jeremy picks up thank god, and lets me through...

    I thanked the white dude and ran to my salvation.

    Moral of the story: If you try to take shortcuts in life, you'll get screwed like Kobe.


    Elixirage last night with Triplets!!! Good times...Jodie why did you leave so early? Sad!! Drunken Princess at the pre-pre-party, Heinies with Scarlett (you beer addict!), and dancing like sausage...mwhahahahaa. Oh yeah, who can forget - Princess and Snuffy showing off their new bling!

    Tonight...plans to watch Sin City RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE of the Final Four game of UNC vs. MSU??? FRIG. What a dilemma. So I watched the first half (I know, I know...the less important half) and went to the movie. What a disturbing, freaky, gory, dirty, weird, gross movie...yet it was good, so go see it.

    Anyway, I came home SOOO nervous that UNC was like the feeling you get in your tummy before you get that exam you wrote back...not just a regular exam though. It's the one you left half blank and the other half a plea to the prof to pass you.

    But I quickly said to myself, "come on, Jessica, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! Rashad would never do that to you!!!"

    So I checked ESPN...and lo and behold...what is the headline on the front page but: Oh Roy! Tar Heels too much for MSU, 87-71".

    I'm moving to Carolina after my wedding to UNC when they SMOTHER Illinois on Monday. ALL UNC FANS ARE INVITED TO MY WEDDING!

    PostScript: Princess, you know you'll always have my heart!!

    McCants - he wants to let you readers know that this is what he's going to do to you if you mess with him and his team:

    Davis...crying like a baby. UNC eats people like you for breakfast! WOOT!

    (Frig...after all this blogger trash talking I really hope UNC wins...hahahaahahaha)

    Friday, April 01, 2005


    Failed the easiest exam in the world today because I was stupid and only went to two being the review.
    No matter how much I studied I couldn't have done well on it...there were so many questions not even in the lecture notes. I guess I had to go there and take notes??!?! What the hell? Hahahaa...
    And the story of my life: Biomechanics continues to screw me over.
    Anyway, the exam was like a series of inside jokes from the prof to my classmates who went to class.

    Sad day.

    Oh well. Time to party.

    I wish...

    Lisa went to Shoeless @ 8pm for her Helping Hands social. It's 12am and she's still not back. She said she wanted to get drunk tonight! I want to get drunk too. Or I'd settle for just not studying and actually getting some sleep.

    I look like crap.
    My notes are empty powerpoint slides that I should have filled in if I had gone to class.
    I feel gross from not working out (I swear that McDonald's lunch is going to haunt me for the rest of my life [see two blogs ago]).
    I want to watch the rest of Alias: Season One.
    There's so much stuff on my bed.
    That might be a good thing right now.

    12 hours until my exam.