Wednesday, April 25, 2007


WHAT A GAME!! Best Raptor game I have ever seen by far. The energy and frenzy in there is indescribable!!!! I saw Bryan Colangelo before the game and he signed my flag. I took a picture of him taking a picture with some other dude.

I wore a shirt that says Uno Dos Tres that Derrick got us! See

It was awesome...Toronto fans are the best! Went to some Irish pub for beers after and to watch Miami/Bulls and LA/PHX. Miami is now down 2-0. Humding.

Anyway...I am way too excited to think coherently to blog right now. Downtown this weekend for Benbow workshop and fun times.

I was on the subway home and I heard some girl say to her friend:

"I keep going on subways with this woman train driver who keeps repeating herself: 'Next station: Summerhill' and then redundantly says 'Approaching Summerhill station' EVERY TIME. And I keep going on subways with her as the train driver."

...YOU DUMBASS. IT'S A RECORDING. That's why she probs sounds the exact same all the time with no inflections in her speech. It's not only a recording, it's a computer generated voice.

Sometimes the conductors don't announce anything or sometimes they say it themselves (you will notice the difference).

I wanted to laugh at her. What a bum. She was talking SO loud too. Do people like this actually exist?

Ok...more on Raps and bball later. SLEEP.

EDIT: Mel told me one of her Grade 6 kids tried adding her on Facebook. I almost died laughing. Also in the news today - someone thought I was 28 years old. HDx29374837584.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Beautiful weekend!

LeBron pic of the day.

First beautiful weekend of the year. Rollerbladed for 3 hours today, had ice cream on Main Street at the blade up to the counter store, bought some lemonade from the kid on the corner, played tennis, watched the second half of 4 basketball games...awesome day!

GSW upset DALLAS! INSANE! BD is the man. Dallas totally choked a la 2006. Sigh humdinger. Denver also beat SA today too...Melo + AI + Nene = triple trouble. BARBOSA = 6th man of the year! 26 pts coming off the bench...awesome. And...bye bye Kobe. I hate you. 28 pts 1st half...too bad you went cold 2nd half. See ya later.

Excited for Game 2 on TUESDAY! Maybe I'll wear blue and stand out in the crowd so you can see me on TV.

Disgraced on your own home court as the number 1 seed in the West. Mark Cuban almost had a cow.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A few things...

LeBron didn't play today but I love this pic!

START: NBA Playoffs blog

Raptors v. Nets today. Observations include Raptors lack of experience and poor shooting. Nets not only have three stars - VC, Jefferson, Kidd but also patience, which I think is a big key in not throwing up bricks every other possession. Also, Raps turned the ball over like crazy. I'm changing my prediction to Nets in 5. ya heard it here first!

Bulls v. Miami. I have Miami going to the freakin' finals, so PULL IT TOGETHER!! Deng, Gordon and Hinrich are insano though. Humdinger Chicago.

Talked to Amy today and discussed how important it is to have certain experiences in your life even if it will put you in a debt. E.g. accepting an awesomo job, going away for school, etc. I've paid off all my loans a few months ago from university and although it is a burden when you're just starting to make money to have to save and pay off loans...I wouldn't trade the experience of going away for university for anything!! You're gotta do what you want and can when you want. Or you're going to grow up very very bitter. is FRIGGING AWESOME OUTSIDE!!! Wonderful weather makes me very happy :). Gonna go the range tonight. Maybe grab some ice cream on Main Street. I love Unionville!

Jess: "Wanna go to the range tonight?"
VChau: "Do you need your own clubs or can you rent them there?"

I had to document that one. Hahahahahahaa.

Easy tonight, anyone?

Friday, April 20, 2007


RAPTORS GAME 2!!! I'm GOING! Lower bowl row 17! :) WHEEE!!! And maybe Game 5!

On a sadder note: I went to McD's on Tues and I asked for my regular Fish Filet meal without looking at the menu as per usual. Unfortunately, the girl told me: THERE IS NO MORE FISH FILET!! WDH! No more tartar sauce for my fries either. She said most of the McD's no longer have it! My life is officially over.

I have to go to another McDonald's today to confirm but we'll see.

Making Butter chicken for JW and family tonight! Gonna watch The Hills and just chill tonight. I think tomorrow I gotta get some work done...and then PLAYOFFS!!! Raptors are gonna be on ESPN! WHOO HOOO.

Bball starts next week too! I think I might have to miss the first game 'cause of the Raps game though.

That's all for now! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

John Mayer etc.

Went to see John Mayer tonight at ACC! :) He was AWESOME! Pretty incredible except I wish it were longer.

There's other stuff I wanted to blog about but I forget right now. I'm exhausted. Will fill you in later! :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Don't hate me...


Edit: (Click on the "HA HA HA")

All good things...

Umm...feeling fed up lately. Not frustrated or angry, just kinda annoyed. Seems like expect anything these days and disappointment rains down upon you. People don't change. Whatever. I'm over it.

Wong had courtside seats to Raps v. Det on Friday and I had a fever of 104. HOW SAD!! I missed my chance. Probably a good thing though - could have gotten CB4 sick for the playoffs. mom could have gotten 6 tickets to the playoffs but I asked her too late and they were all sold out. ARGH! Face value! :(

Weather is gross outside. Good thing I don't have to be in until the afternoon to see my kiddies! I'm sort of hungry now so I'm gonna get some food but I'll post more later probably...

JOHN MAYER TOMORROW!!! WOOOT! I hope I get better so I can sing along!
Last vball game tonight. Bball starts next week and maybe playing vball with Brando and Stevo.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Retro pic of the day...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In a reminiscing mood...

Insert my thoughts here.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Office

Finally a new episode!

"I am not a hero. I am a mere defender of the office. You know who's a real hero? Hiro from Heroes. That's a hero. And also Bono."

I love that dude.

Raptors clinched the do I get tickets!!!

Mong gaw sie mei lo here I come!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

TGIHT (Thank God It's Holy Thursday)

So why is it that when my health insurance expires that I suddenly have all these expenses??
1. Nightguard for my grindage of teeth
2. X-Rays and whatever
3. Hep A vaccine plus who knows what other vaccines I need for SE Asia? Probably the whole gamut.

It's like when you get gift certificates...I can never find anything I like when I have a gift certificate but then when I don't have one, I tend to want everything.

Funny how life works. There definitely has to be a name for this. Like everyday you're waiting for some package to arrive in the mail and the day you're not waiting around, the Canada Post guy comes and you're not at home and then who knows where you have to go to pick it up.

Sigh. You get the point.

As well, I was driving by the plaza near St. Joe's the other day and they have a hair salon called "Haute Coiffure". I love seeing cheesy things like that.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


4 day week x2!!! :-D
Half-priced martinis at Alleycatz on Thursday
Good Friday mass - "I need some religion in my life"...haha
Kev's housewarming and golf on Sat
Church again on Sunday depending on how Friday goes...and golf?
I love 4 day weekends!

Mel's bachelorette @ Ultra Supper Club next Saturday :-D

Btw, I have Skype and a microphone! Skype me! :)

Also - the plastic film screen thing on my cell phone came off and I'm really sad.


Bonus: went to Starbucks with Wonger and ordered a Grande London Fog. I got a Tall and I told the girl that I ordered a Grande but if the guy charged me for a Tall then it was cool. She asked the guy and he said he charged me for a Grande. So...they gave me the Tall, made me a Grande...and I got a free coupon for any drink next time!!!

Highlight of my day! :)

In other news: Life lessons from Laguna @ 3:40am...hahaha