Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wise words...

I hate wannabes. What's the point? Why don't you just be?
- My preceptor, on "wannabes"

Simple enough.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


I go with my gut 99% of the time. It's right 100% of the time. Mistakes happen when your heart takes over your better judgement. The struggle between my id and ego. What I want and what I need.

So long, passiva aggressiva.
Goodbye second guessing myself.
Ciao, emotional unavailability...

The rings are shifting places.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Had an awesome time with the Bainiacs plus VChau last night at Andy Poolhall! I love you girls. It's been ages since we've all hung out together...definitely good, humorous times. Pictures of eating really dry Premium Plus crackers in (disappointingly) over 1 minute are coming soon. Extremely long day/night/morning yesterday but definitely worth it. Looking forward to boarding in Quebec, seeing the rest of the gang, and catching up...

"There is a land called Passiva Aggressiva and I am their queen."

Nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now
But it's not so bad...

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Joke of the year:

Q: What killed the dinosaurs?
A: Kobe Bryant!

Props to G for the funny.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In desperate need of a new post...

[12:38:26 AM] Jess: did u vote?
[12:38:46 AM] Kevin: yes i did
[12:38:51 AM] Kevin: green party all the way
[12:38:59 AM] Jess: i voted green too
[12:39:03 AM] Kevin: haha shut up
[12:39:03 AM] Jess: wow
[12:39:07 AM] Jess: oh
[12:39:09 AM] Jess: you were joking?
[12:39:11 AM] Kevin: yeah
[12:39:14 AM] Kevin: you're not??
[12:39:21 AM] Jess: no...



What's been going on...slowly starting to make a to-do list of everything. I need a tape recorder with me at all times so that when I think of something in mid-bite, I can record it. Seeing an elementary school friend next week! And also learning to play squash next week...right Brandon, aka "marathon partner"?? J.Lo joined the gym today I think, so hopefully I'll have an ally there now. Winterlicious this weekend with Jay and then next week with Eunice and then Adam! Oh, the gluttony.

Not much is new. Getting more and more used to the workload and my schedule. I think I'm getting sick. Otherwise...plans for Kingston on February 3!! Can't wait to see you guys! If I run into any funny stories, I'll let you know. Until then, expect the dullness of my blog.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Murphy's Law

What a bad day. Can anything else go wrong? I guess this teaches me that you can't plan every second of your life.

Thinking about Scarley made me think of Sully. I miss Sully for her laughter. I miss her voice that apparently sounds the same as mine? I miss Hump Night and Bubba's...we both know which one I miss more...Hump Night was more of an excuse to go to Bubba's after. I miss Heel Boy and GB Original and even idiotic Elliot. I miss Tuesday's Shoeless wings and friggin' melting when eating suicide. I miss first floor Stauffy and GB sightings. I miss our stalkeresque qualities (we are the only people who won't think we're crazy). I miss Grey's and DH at your place. I miss running to Madeline's between the shows and getting ice cream in -10 degree weather. I miss Vancouver with you and lying on the beach and getting burnt like no other. I miss Bin 942 and kayaking. I even miss doing 80% of the Grind myself. I miss hilarious drunken times. I miss hearing about all your boys. I still remember our first date at Tango's! I remember seeing you fall at the QSEAC smoker at Alfie's. I remember OH MAGOG (and to this day, I still laugh when I say it). I remember red wine and white wine...and rose wine...and...wow...a lot of drunken times. I miss shopping at Yorkdale and spending all our money. So there you go...cheers to Sully and Snuffy!


Happy birthday to my dear Scarley!! I can't believe you're 23. I hope this weekend was awesome for you! I miss you tons. I miss red wine, You've Got Mail, and pasta. I miss Sideways and Gusto's the night before my final exam. I miss the Gap (sort of) and funny stories about bee lee ba la and charcoal. I remember the time when I came to visit you in the middle of the night in Kingston. I miss you in Vancouver and our jewelery making and lunch dates. I even miss jean shopping with you, you silly girl.


P.S. Congrats to my gayface for getting into grad school! Our Chinese parents are very, very happy.

Tears stream, down on your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I...

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AWWW...LISA! I miss this girl to bits. This is hilarious. Just looking at our expressions makes me laugh. I miss studying at the kitchen table with you when we're really screwed for exams (e.g. always). I miss coming home, going to the gym, going out, going to the library, coming home, working, sleeping, waking up, and having you still in the same spot and in the same clothes and with pen on your face from sleeping on your textbooks. I miss when you pretended like you weren't sleeping when I found you. I miss how you used to highlight the "interesting facts" boxes in our biology textbook that said stuff like "there are 5000 penguins in the south pole". I miss trying to fix the lightbulb in the kitchen and the microwave that literally blew up. I miss our friggin' comfy couch that could be a bed. I miss the TV and the remote control we were too lazy to change the battery for so we just walked to the TV every time to change the channel or we watched the same channel all day. Oh wait, I think that last one was just me.

So I'm tired and overworked and I've watched WAY too much 24 in the past few days (I'm still working on season 4). I seem to have tons of errands to run and things to do all the time...how are my lovelies in Kingston doing? I don't have any news to update on really...just busy and I can tell you what I am doing everyday from now until the middle of February. Is that sad? Well I guess I could do the same if I were in Kingston, however, it would probably be filled with more fun stuff and less stuff that starts with the letters w-o-r-k. Anyhoo, I'm hanging in there - getting used to the lifestyle of the real world I guess.

In school, you wish there were more hours in a day at the end of the semester because you partied the first 3 months and now you're screwed. In life, you wish there were more hours in a day so you could actually have a life.


Greece cruise? :)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

What is going on?

Am I coming or going? What day is it today? 123help.

I'm not tired per se. Rather, just needing a cognitive-free day. JUST ONE. I just want to veg. Although at the same time, I don't wish for the last week of break where I did absolutely nothing. I need some new music.

Anyway, I guess I don't have that much to say...I work, gym, come home, work, wake up, go to work, and then on Fridays I go to work after work. HD.

I'm gonna go to work now.

Monday, January 09, 2006

HD 2006

Day one and it's already INSANO.I have a 3 inch legal brief to read and summarize and then write a 11 page single spaced report by Wednesday.
I have to review hand anatomy for possible quizzage at tomorrow's client meeting. Phalangeal? Interphalangeal? Carpal, metacarpal, carpometacarpal???? AI YA ANAT315, where art thou!
When am I supposed to watch basketball games and Jay Leno if I have all this stuff to do?
Went to the gym for the first time in a long time...I think my leg (ahem, I mean lower extremity, abbrev: L/E) abductors and adductors will die tomorrow.
At least we only have one client appointment from 9-11 tomorrow...then it is report writing time.


Why does this* always happen to me?


I miss this. I'm an idiot.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


The cousins

The cousins plus Karthik (who's crying 'cause Garlok took all of us money) and Pradeep, doing what we do best (or at least A LOT of)
Me and Garlok going head to head (me, with my 3 chips)

Us crying, Garlok victorious with his stupid A 9

GOODBYE big stuff, buffets, poker, warcraft, movies, food, ESPN, ESPN2, golf channel...

Quote of the night:

"I'm sooo busy this semester I have something every day...not even ONE day off at all during the week!!"

- VChau, on her school semester at McMaster School of Medicine

...yes my friends, take note of your doctors' alma mater before you fill your next prescription..."hey doesn't this mean...arsenic...what???"

HAHAHA...oh, I love you.

Oh and the cutest ever couple at BR today...the man was buying some stuff for himself and his wife came up to show him something she liked and he took it and was gonna pay for it but she said she would pay for it herself...but he wouldn't let her, and I said to the woman, "you're lucky"...

...and she was like "yeah I am very lucky" and then the husband was like "no, we're both very lucky"...and then they just smiled.

SIGH 2006.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blogging drought

I've officially moved to the opposite end of my busy, crazy lifestyle in the past 2 weeks.
Since leaving for Ohio, I haven't done anything pseudo-productive at all. I feel so useless!

Thank goodness I'm working tomorrow (and at 7am too) so I will finally wake up before noon. I need to stop watching sports and TV. Well more so sports on TV as I am going to see Houston tomorrow and New Jersey on Sunday. At least I will be out of the house...and out of my pajamas...

Job applications and cover letters are accumulating, planning for placement and getting things in order the past couple days. I am actually looking forward to starting placement just so I can feel like I have a routine to my day. I will also be going back to the gym...finally!

I've realized I have no pictures from the holidays...probably because I did nothing...and when I did I was too lazy to take any. Except for this one that Steph took after I finished my 40 hour week at BR at Bayview Village behind the A&W.

Anyway, today is the last day of procrastination...tomorrow...back to real life me! For now, I'm going to take a nap.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hello dears,

As I sit here in Ohio on New Year's (Eve), after going all in and losing on a hand of pocket aces partially due to the fact that Ga-Yee ALSO had pocket aces (and Lorraine had trip queens), I have concluded that I am lucky, rather than unlucky on this superstitious night.

I have also concluded that I am a poker junkie.

This is what happens when you're in this great land of America for a week. It feels like a month. Don't hit me if I come back with a drawl and I know how to bet on college football like no other. Also, expect a fatter and well-rested me. I am thankful for free recycling tonight (and our green boxes are absolute genius). Did you know you have to pay to get your recycling picked up here??? If you don't want to pay and still want to recycle, you have to go to the DUMP and crush all the cans by jumping on them and throw them into the smelly dumpster. If their country isn't taken over soon by people smarter than George Bush, they will self-destruct or the entire population will emigrate due to stench.

2006. I am sure the lot of you will choose to make resolutions on your blogs. I have no firm ones yet. What can I say...

This year was awesome. Second semester was a blur, Cobourg wasn't as bad as I had predicted and Ana made it all worthwhile (my little munchkin), Vancouver was breathtaking, school this semester was yet another blur but memorable to say the least. Amy came back from Asia, Sully-Snuffy week sleepover, library Missions with a capital M, lots of Common Ground, Montreal, minimal party, yet maximal fun and laughs. Holidays were a good catch up with the family and my tummy.

So no long spiel tonight - just a thanks with hugs.