Saturday, July 30, 2005

Adventures in the life of Biggy

Initial plan: chill night at Farah's, movie and call it an early night.

Actual plan: thought we would go the Asian way and get "Hide and Seek" because it was free (one of those guaranteed rental things at Blockbuster). We were freaked out of our minds, whimpering, pausing and analyzing to make it seem less scary, closing our eyes (well me anyways). This is the first scary movie I've seen (and actually been awake through) since "The Ring", which as most of you know, scared the crap out of me. Puneet can attest to that. So we leave Farah's house because she was going to drive me home. Some sketchy looking Native dude with long hair was sitting outside her house in his car, with the lights turned off, by himself at 11:30pm. Now, tell me please that that is SCARY. Alright, so I look at him, give him a "hmm, you're sketchy" look and look away and then look back and he's fully looking at me. Uh oh. So I ask Farah if she saw the guy too and she told me she's seen him a few times before sitting by himself outside her house. we debate for a few minutes whether or not we should go back and see if he's still there. I got his license plate and I believe it was a 2-door Acura. So then we talk about whether or not we should call the cops, just incase. And I know all of you who didn't just see a scary movie are thinking that we're the crazy ones...but we rationalized that it would be crazy if it were the FIRST time she saw him...but it's been a few times now and that's just freaky. So Farah calls her friends to see if they are near a phone book or computer to get the local police number instead of 911...since it wasn't exactly an emergency. No one was able to get the number for us, so we ended up calling 911. And in the midst...we realized we both had different descriptions of the guy. Farah thought he was "cute", Asian, spiky hair.
1. Who describes a potential psychopath as "cute"
2. Should have gotten Miss Congeniality 2...

Friday, July 29, 2005


Click to enlarge, trust me, you will need it to understand my post.

Initial plan: Had afternoon off - try "entire" seawall, because apparently I didn't do the "whole thing" last time and then beach and read.

Actual happenings:
1. Started at Georgia and Denman
2. Went around Stanley Park on the seawall all the way to English Bay (here you can go under the underpass to Georgia and Denman again (which is what I did last time) or you can keep going to English Bay.
3. Kept going...and Marina St. or Beach Ave. or something...and kept going...past the bus station...past the Burrard bridge, the Granville bridge, the Cambie bridge until I apparently went on the land part of Downtown where you don't need to go on a bridge to go across the water.
4. Passed Science World, a lot of sketch construction sites and lots of big empty parking lots, went on 6th Ave, in through some residential townhouses, back on the waterfront of the other side of Vancouver (not Downtown).
5. Kept going...past Cambie bridge, past Granville bridge, passed Burrard bridge.
6. Got to Kits, and couldn't find anymore paved path so the guy who was in front of me told me to turn around and go back.
7. Went back to Granville Island, walked up Granville to 5th Ave. and took the 98 B-Line to 41st and Granville (aka LG bubbletea).
8. Saw Kev Tse and Kelvin there and they asked me if I rollerbladed there from home (Main and 35).
9. I wish.

My feet really hurt. It was also the best shower I've ever taken.
Did I do the seawall now, or what?
Can someone please tell me? Because I've gone across Vancouver on both the Downtown side and the non-Downtown side and I'm not sure where I have to keep going.
I assumed it was a circle you could go around and reach the same point at. But I suppose not.
It was so confusing with all the detours due to construction and stuff.
I got lost around the 6th Ave. area and contemplated hopping on a bus to somewhere.
Perhaps next time I'll try to reach UBC.

So needless to say, I didn't make it to the beach. Original plan of 7km Stanley Park seawall and then English Bay vegging was kaput.

Note: reason why I don't have many pictures is because I was going to do the "seawall" twice and take pictures on the 2nd these are only pictures of the end of my adventure.

From the not Downtown side, between Cambie and Granville bridges, I believe

Granville bridge, maybe

Part of this so-called "seawall path" quotations because I highly doubt I was on the right path. Who's bright idea would it have been to make this PK-friendly broken path a ROLLERBLADING path?

By now...who knows...

Burrard bridge

OMG, I'm so tired

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sweat the Technique...

Click to enlarge

Kobe is back? Apparently, says Nike. Nike Basketball's new ad campaign featuring the "washed out" Kobe Bryant. I wonder if he got paid, or if he paid them for the (good) publicity.

Larry Brown to the Knicks...I LOVE IT.
Who wants to go down to see a NYK-CLE game this year??

Free agent signings and trades...oh, Latrell, if it weren't for your "basketball skills", you'd definitely be in jail...and it looks like no one wants you and your attitude.

In other developments: Plans for Garibaldi climb (6 hours) and camping at the top; when I finish placement on August 18-24 Whistler, Tofino, and Seattle...

Fireworks at English Bay today! I wish I had my camera with me...the show was awesome! I have never seen anything like it. There were soooo many people. Saturday, more fireworks. Sunday, sailing.

P.S. I quit GAP today.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


View of the Pacific from Stanley Park (Second Beach)

View of downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park Seawall

Fishermen from China underneath the Lion's Gate Bridge (to West Vancouver)

Stanley Park Seawall

Me and Stella, embarking upon the Grouse Grind!

About 1/8 the way up Grouse Mountain (quite flat still!) you can see, I am already alone, as Stella and Stella Sr. have embarked upon Starbucks :-|

Getting steeper...

The trees were huge! It was a lovely day for a hike...windy and not too hot at all!

3/4 of the way up! They didn't have a half mark sign (or maybe I was too busy gasping for air...) and I forgot to take a milestone picture of 1/4 of the hike.

The best moment of my life

Absolutely Gorgeous...

Not many pictures of myself as:
1. Puneet decided to suntan on the grass while I rollerbladed around the Seawall and,
2. Sole hike up the Grouse Mountain

Currently taking applications for outdoor buddies for activites mentioned below...

Finally, Grouse Grind has officially been conquered by yours truly! Nice enough day to go at last...Stels and Stels Sr. tried to come and walked at the bottom about 1km before throwing in the towel. I had to keep going, and made it up in somewhere between 1.25 hours to 1.5 hours. Props to the one-eyed grandma grinding it with a cane and the 40-something man carrying his 2 year old on his back in a put-your-kid-in-it-backpack. I also rollerbladed around the seawall in Stanley Park on Friday after work. Puneet's great estimation skills told me that it would take 5 hours to rollerblade around the whole thing...well good thing I didn't listen to her (as usual) because I was done in about 35 or 40 minutes including picture taking time. Yes, and one day she may be your doctor...scary, eh? Hahaha, just joking, P-Unit. I want to do a Garibaldi hike when I finish work in August, but I don't know anyone in BC who will come with me...any takers? Probably August 19th. Also a side trip to Whistler in the making when I go to Garibaldi. If no Garibaldi volunteers...anyone want to go to Victoria? I's pretty touristy...but that's what I'm half here for. Tomorrow, church, dim sum and beach! NO WORK! Thank you Princess for great weekends and waiting for me at the bottom of Grouse for an hour! Hope everyone's doing well back home...I miss you guys!

sweep me off my feet
singing ain't this life so sweet

Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm peeling like a banana, no pun intended

What a bad day yesterday.
First, got woken up at 9am by my supervisor because I didn't show up for work at 730am like I usually do. She was quite worried. I told her I got food poisoning and and didn't sleep last night and accidently slept through my alarm. I told her I didn't call to leave a message because I thought I would still be able to make it in in the morning. PHEW.

Even worse news number 2.
It was midterm evaluation day.

Bad news number 3.
A layer of my epidermis is peeling off my face.

This weekend: Bard on the Beach? Grouse, Capilano, and dare I say, beach?

Plans in motion...Victoria and sailing next weekend, HSBC Celebration of Lights July 27, 30/August 3, 6, Whistler August 19th, Seattle August 20th-?, home August 25th!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


David J. Nightingale

Sam Javanrouh

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lobster, anyone?


Spanish banks with Princess on Sunday = Lobsterfied.

I am currently avoiding the sun like the plague. No suntan lotion because we're idiots, hence my lovely red burn.

My face might as well be patented as a heater.

So today I dropped by Pharmasave (similar to Shoppers Drug Mart) and bought 3 bottles of lotion - suntan lotion, tanning oil, and aloe vera after sun lotion. Help me. The woman at the cash told me that it's only supposed to be one coupon per customer (because regular people probably only buy one bottle and use one coupon), but after seeing my condition, she conceded and let me use all 3.

This is how sad I am.

I am afraid to take a picture of myself. Blogspot might shut me down for graphic photography consisting of medically sensitive images. Just picture a red circle with two beady black eyes and pink lips.

Tomorrow = work death; 730-330, 5-9, 930-12. Help.


Highlight of my day: equipment demo in OT department = free lunch (I ate two portions, therefore I ate for my dinner then as well) and free mini soft measuring tape that when you press a button slurps back!! I am slowly being reformed into OT nerding. Tonight, Starburst for dinner!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Geezer alert

Every year, you are inevitably asked if you feel older on your birthday...this year I must say I actually do.

Last night was fun! Stella, Puneet, Farah, Katie, Allie joined me for celebrations at Tropika, Mondo Gelato, and Earl's for drinks! Pictures soon...definitely good times. Thank you to all of you for thinking about me and wishing me a happy birthday yesterday.

This weekend: sleepover @ Princess', movie, Grouse, Capilano and beach if it stops raining, and BBQ/Commercial Drive on Sunday?

Less hours @ the Gap! WOOHOO! But now I'm kind of offended that I only got 17 hours this week.

I miss everyone in Toronto! However, Vancouver is shaping up...less work, better weather, and anticipation of actual vacation...

A cure for global warming? Floaty Vancouverites who believe they can solve global warming by eliminating cars, trains, and planes. They are travelling the globe using only themselves.

"We want to highlight some of the issues of global warming, and promote the use of human-powered transport," says Angus. "If people see that we can make it around the world using only our muscles, maybe they'll think more about biking it to school or work."

Although I'm all for walking and biking, people don't even use public transportation, let alone walk. Ask city people to give up their might as well ask them to donate their heart.
So cancel that flight ticket to can be the second person to row across the Atlantic Ocean after these whackos.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I think I lost that adapter thing for your camera on the plane. So I spent my only 15 minute break at work number 2 today to search for the USB plug thing. After going to "The Source" and begging the guy to find me one that would fit, I found out he would have to order it in for 2-3 weeks and it would be 55 dollars! Insano! So I got home and decided to ask my roommate on a whim, wondering if he would know where I could get one, and he was like you can't find this'd have to go to a computer store or something like that...around 30 bucks. So he asked me what kind of laptop I had and I showed him and he said the SD card reader comes built in now!! Who would have known...thank goodness!! I owe him 30 bucks. Maybe I'll just buy us some toilet paper tomorrow.

View leaving the airport on one of the million gadzillion bridges

I thought I was in did I get this picture of Hong Kong? Oh shoot, it's only Richmond

Richmond Night Market goodies...bARs on a table for sale! Any takers??

Granville Island Market on Canada Day

On Granville Island, with downtown in the background

Puneet, me, Farah, Khaleel @ Ginger 62 for the Vancouver Jazz Festival

Allie, Katie, Farah, me, Carmen, S @ Bin 942

UBC/Point Grey area on the way to Jericho Beach

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My trip in Vancouver, Canada

0.3 time spent at Gap, 0.6 time spent at GF Strong, 0.1 time EITHER sleeping or eating. Help me. I've worked 10 days straight. I have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off though this week (at Gap). Dinner at Tropika for my 21st on Thursday and "Wedding Crashers" Friday night, Grouse Grind/Capilano/beach on Saturday! I can't wait! Finally some fun days. Anyway, it's been insanely busy here for me. I have 4 assessments to do in the next 2 weeks for GF and I'm taking on my own client on the ABI (acquired brain injury) team for self-care and therapy. Puneet and I impromptu ate at all-you-can-eat sushi because we're pigs. Initially, I was just going to skip dinner, save some money and sleep early. However, Puneet suggested bubbletea and somehow we ended up at Yukiyama. Help us.

I'm getting really good at sleeping on my feet, or at my desk in an upright posture without my head drooping.

Our manager, during our so-called "sales rally" at the beginning of each shift told us how a customer called in to head office about one of our employees who was "so great". She told us for 3 days straight and told us to congratulate her. I bet she got a raise too...and now she can do just about anything except burn the place down and get away with it. So...for all you good friends out there, if you have time, feel free to call head office and compliment me. I'll give you 50% of my raise and some Vancouver rain in a Starbucks coffee cup (both are hugely abundant in this city).

Suggestions for complimentation:
1. Your employee, Jessica, was amazing. She worked so hard to find me the right size, fit and style. I'm incredibly happy with her service and I'll definitely come back to Gap again and I'll make sure to pass the word along to my family and friends about your store! She is so enthusiastic!
2. I found the perfect outfit for my mother/father/brother/sister/friend because of your employee, Jessica! She was great at putting it together and she gave me so many options. My _______ was really pleased with what I chose for once! She was knowledgeable, quick, friendly, and helpful (the 4 cornerstones of Gap Inc.).

...or anything you come up with would be great.

What you need to know:
Store phone number: 604.683.0906
Head office phone number: 1.800.GAPSTYLE

Things you should do when you go to your next retail store:
1. On a sunny day, suggest that the salesperson stand near the door so he/she can feel almost like they are outside instead of in a commercialized, corporate jail.
2. When someone asks you how you're doing, say: I'm feeling like shit. My dog just died, I lost my job last week, and it's pissing cats outside. Before I got fired, I got demoted due to the downsizing that's going on due to the poor economy, and I have no dignity. I am seeing 3 therapists because I am paranoid and don't trust either of them. How are you?

Maybe I should quit and work at the weed store.