Thursday, July 27, 2006



Born in the same year. It's like we're meant to be.


I'm exhausted. I watched three movies today, played 2 games of Scrabble, went out for lunch and dinner and woke up at 11am. Tough life.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Hi guys!

It has been pretty busy here with summer and new job and finishing my exam and birthdays and just hanging out...

What's new? Birthday was sloppy as you can see below. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came and took care of me and helped me go to the bathroom and let me sit inside their car and then even drove me home and carried me up the stairs. Haha. I have to pick up my dress from dry cleaning still. I hope it is ok.

Went to the beach for Canada Day, playing in a summer basketball league (we won our first game this week...without me - it's just a coincidence, right?), summerliciousing (see below for critique)...the list goes on!

Today we played beach volleyball indoors (cause the rain foiled our plans for the real beach) and we are going to get bubbletea and chips soon and play poker! I love summer. Never go away.

Sad when everyone goes back to school and all that is left hee is me and Janice G. Wong-Cheung (ask her about her new name). My neighbours are having a BBQ outside and it smells so good through my windows right now. I am leaving for San Francisco on the 29th, returning on the 7th...hopefully booking a cottage for the Labor Day long weekend for JGW's birthday and then school starts here and it's going to be nuts with my caseload!

Summerlicious 2006:
Brant House - atmosphere: 10; food: 8.5; service: 9; value: 9; comments: good atmosphere and young crowd, went on a saturday and it become a club at 11pm, steak was awesome and a three course meal with steak as the entree for 25 bucks is pretty good
Urban - atmosphere: 9; food: 9.5; service: 9; value: 9; comments: nice rooftop patio if it didn't rain, good service, awesome phyllo pastry and steak and creme brulee was substituted but it was cold :(
Jump - atmosphere: 9; food: 9; service: 9; value: 8.5; comments: nice location, nice atmosphere, calamari was kind of burnt, ahi tuna was awesome, and the DESSERT WAS FABU
Nectar - atmosphere: 10; food: 10; service: 10+; value: 10+; comments: kind of in the middle of nowhere on Wellington St. W but SUCH great food, service, and a cool interior decor...awesome night out with the girls!
Spoon - atmosphere: 7; food: 7; service: 6; value: 6; comments: tasted chinese, it had "choy sum", no one was in the restaurant, and the service was terrible! Eunice - we must go to Nectar during Winterlicious!

I'm tired. That's all. I have to go pick up JGW-C for bbt now.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME


Friday, July 14, 2006


I am sitting at my desk, finishing up paperwork, on a desk with my business cards in a business card holder, sitting next to my all-in-one fax machine, printer, scanner, and photocopier, with a 930am client that I can't skip or sleep in during...

I have a day planner and an accountant.

I have expenses.

I spend my paycheque on filing cabinets and stickers for my kids.

I feel like I should be turning 30.


P.S. I got an email today from the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists with the subject line being November 4, 2006 exam sitting. (False alarm). I just about had a myocardial infarction.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wanted: Personal Assistant

Job duties:

To help with paperwork overload
To clean my room
To move a filing cabinet taller than me up to my room
To fax, file, organize, make phone calls, etc.
To organize my existing life

Janice Wong, where are you?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Keep your eye on the prize...