Friday, September 30, 2005


I miss FARAH (I'm talking to her right now)!
She asked me if I "investigated". Only she uses such terminology. She also abbreviates "reaction" when she types on MSN to "rxn"...someone help this poor Dental student.
Missing Farah makes me miss Vancouver.
Which makes me really miss Gyoza King and Elge and Shabusen.
I miss hiking and sailing and blading and kayaking.
I miss unflat land.
I miss sunshine.
And the beach.
I miss going to watch fireworks (by myself).
And the Art Gallery (by myself part II).
And Victoria (by myself part III).
And Grouse Grind (by myself part IV).
I miss Whistler.
And Vina's banana dessert.
And schwarma from the hole in the wall on Robson.
I miss my pimp PT Cruiser with the tinted windows and spoiler.
I even miss the little potato bugs in my room...
I could really use some Cafe Crepe right now.
I miss having drinks at Earl's and watching a movie.
I miss poker and Big 2.
I miss visiting Farah at Yaletown Blenz.
I miss no school.

I miss Toronto.
I miss VChau. Yep that's about it.
OF COURSE I MISS SCARLEY!! Now, do you fit under Toronto or Vancouver? Well maybe you deserve your own section for LONDON! :) I miss triplets...
I miss Klin. I'm really looking forward to your wedding.
I even miss G-Ugly. He is the only one who will play basketball, tennis and go blading and biking with me. He is fearless.
I miss golf.
I miss Mom and Pops and home food.
I miss digital cable.
I miss "mong gaw siy miy lo" from the Taiwanese place in FMP.
I miss Go For Tea.
I miss bainiacs J.Lo and Lise. Mark doesn't listen to me like you do, Lise.
I miss pool at Mix2.

I miss...

Stay tuned for an exciting basketball post! Jess-tacular is back in action! I can't wait...

Real MSN conversation with Kev Tsang:

- K.1 - 180. says:
kobe is not a very good pick actuallie.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well that was interesting..

So I almost got mauled by a raccoon tonight.

I came home from a wine and cheese birthday thing through the backyard and as I was approaching the planters in the garden a huge brown furry thing leaped out at me!!! It scared the daylights out of me! It tried to scurry to salvation (aka outside our backyard fence) but I had already closed the gate and I definitely wasn't about to go let it out and get close to it!!!! of 11:48pm, there is a raccoon trapped in our backyard...

I hope I don't leave first tomorrow...
I also hope it doesn't eat the garden. :-S


One day I will come up with a better title than "Humdinger (HD)" or "Today", as the date is stamped at the top anyway and of course I'm writing this entry "today".

So what's new?

Homecoming was slop slop jalops.
Placement offers are finalized on Monday. HUMDINGER.
Tonight I'm going to be Rehab social and go to my friend's birthday get-together. Well half of it anyway.
I can't physically drink or go out anymore. My liver speaks to me the morning after.
I SAW GB. Smijie's tomorrow?
90 minute Power Yoga today with Amy. I hope we don't fall asleep.
Road Drills yesterday was awesome.
Anyone down for a roadtrip to Montreal again?
I'm going to increase my weights today for the first time in 6 or so months. I hope I don't die.
Jess-tacular is bizzack.
Wings last night with Sta and Diq. We were much smarter this time.
I haven't played poker in a long time.
Thank you, Lise for bestowing Bain key. I miss the Bainiacs!
When I get paid next, I'm going to subscribe to ESPN Insider.
I really, really want paediatrics in Oshawa. I hope I get it.
I'm coming home soon...

Monday, September 26, 2005

I wish the Toronto Blue Jays were good

Sometimes life throws you a curveball.

For some, life is a curveball.


...and to smack the $#!7 out of that frigging curveball.

Sunday, September 25, 2005



I heart you.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


I don't care if FRIG isn't a verb and doesn't make that a complete sentence.

I'm going to end up in Timbucktu. It's official.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


If space and time, as sages say,
Are things which cannot be,
The fly that lives a single day
Has lived as long as we.
But let us live while yet we may,
While love and life are free,
For time is time, and runs away,
Though sages disagree.
The flowers I sent thee when the dew
Was trembling on the vine,
Were withered ere the wild bee flew
To suck the eglantine.
But let us haste to pluck anew
Nor mourn to see them pine,
And though the flowers of love be few
Yet let them be divine.

- T.S. Eliot

TS Eliot

I came by this quote today:

Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.

- TS Eliot

My life has new meaning.

Ironic that I was procrastinating (aka "wasting time") when I found this.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Sorry my titles are idiotic at times. But trust me, this story is worth it.

I was in Environments class today and my classmate, Caroline, turned to me all of a sudden and asked if I remembered from first year OT when our classmate Crystal interviewed a client who was quite eccentric...and the client kept saying "Ya darn tootin'!!".

You must all be confused.

"Ya darn tootin'!!" essentially means "Damn right!". As in:

A: "Did you really get 90 on the exam??"
B: "Ya darn tootin'!!!"

A: "It's raining outside. Did you remember to bring your umbrella?"
B: "Ya darn tootin'!!!"

At first I was confuddled, but the images of us in the central room watching Crys do this interview with a straight face while we were behind the one-way mirror laughing our asses off suddenly came to mind and I BURST OUT LAUGHING during our Environment class. We were taking up some worksheet we were supposed to do during class which I didn't do anyway and I was holding my nose and covering my mouth, trying not to let out any sounds when the room was quiet because she was in the middle of picking someone to answer the questions. And the next thing I hear is: "Jessie?". And I'm like OH SHIT. However, no one ever calls me Jessie (well a couple, but no profs)...and there's another girl named Jessie (fortunately) in our class. So I look to her to answer it.

Too bad she was in the washroom. :-|

I looked up at the prof, sobered up my laughing fit and was like "uh...which question are we on?"


Thank goodness, Sean, group member saved my ass.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Humdinger (HD)


I smell pancakes downstairs.
Stressful times we live in. Sad to think that what we envisioned life to be when we were 16 is not exactly how it is. Why didn't anyone tell me that 5 years ago?

Things happen. Life is a product of timing and circumstance. Dreams die (and I guess are reincarnated). Tsunamis happen. Hurricanes too. Wars. George Bush. "Love".

I'm very glad to have my Princess, Scarley, P-Unit, VChau...etc.

Scarley is leaving today. This is so sad.
She's off to marry Hugh Grant.
And to work at the Gap where it's actually "cool". *Sigh*.

Monday, September 19, 2005

It's officially official

Real life begins April 7, 2006.

We had our professional portfolio class today. She talked about convocation. Our formal is in less than 2 months. We got the dates for our in class exams. We got the dates for placements in the winter term (January 9-February 24; February 27-April 7). Next week we're discussing placements. This is for serious.

Hard to believe, hard to believe...

I'm actually excited about the personal computer workstation assignment for ergo and compiling this portfolio. I like things like that. It's sort of like making a scrapbook.

Hard to believe, hard to believe...

So, I'm free as of April 7, 2006. When I finish writing this post I'm heading to and researching some good travel destinations leaving April 8, 2005 (any takers?)...then I'm going to the bank to extend my student line of credit. Hahaha. Mayhaps I will go to London to visit Scarley.

Can you come with me?

The plan is 90 days. Most if not all cities, 3-6 days each place, adding on: Australia, NZ, India, Shanghai. I hope I get approved for a lot of money. :-|

Last night wasn't so great (Princess knows). I felt like poop. I hate Kingston and all the memories it invokes. But it's a sunny day, the future is looking good, and after 5 seconds of judgement lapse, everything is back on track...

Looking back, it's hard to believe, hard to believe, ain't it?

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Where do I even start...

This week has been absolutely insane. I haven't even had a moment to sit, breathe, and relax.

First, school has been intense - 1 essay due last Friday, lots of hours of class (well, more than the usual optional 12 or so), lots of interesting and creative projects (designing a computer workstation for ergo, home assessments/bathroom assessment layout designs for environments)...this semester is going to fly by. My original placement preceptor is my mental health prof. Frig. AND I already fell asleep in our first class. Oh well.

Second, I've been going to the gym a lot.

Third, I know no one at Gap. Everyone graduated or left. I work with this new hardcore girl who's always in the fitting rooms with me and she's insane. We had an almost screaming match today during store hours over whether or not the new jeans had stretch in them or not. In hindsight, I think I was wrong, but like hell I'll ever admit that to her.

Fourth, my 'H' key is sticky.

Fifth, the B&B is good - landlord is good, he cooks for us a lot and my housemates are good (maybe except Mark...hahaha j/j). We eat gourmet meals and drink wine every night. The other girl is a MA student from Spain which is exciting. She's going to teach me Spanish. Como esta? Te quiero.

Sixth, JGW's birthday, Hump night with OT/PT, crazy Torontonian Friday...I think I'm done partying. Last night we (as in the population of Hong Kong) went to Tango's, then Scarley and I went to Brew Pub to meet up with Benn and Joanna for cider, then we went to Cocamo, Elixir, Stages, Bubba's, and Classics. Help me. Then Scarley and I yelled at some guy who was screaming racist obscenities at us. We yelled at him across Princess St. He said something about potstickers and chicken buns. I said something about steak and potatoes. What a jerk. I friggin' hate Kingston. I got home at 330am and went to work for 1030am-630pm. Then I made food because Diq bailed on dinner and now I'm tired. But I'm going to support Princess' QSEAC smoker...but no drinking tonight. ETA in bed = 130am. Tomorrow I'm working from 9am-6pm.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005



Baton received from: Scarley

Total volume of music files on my computer: 5.75 GB (including the 5th season of Six Feet Under - it's an amazing show, you should all watch it!) - I just got a new laptop so I only have a few cds and random songs on it. For those who know me, I used to have a massive music library but it's on the old computer. Does anyone want to send me new music?

Last CD I bought was: Uh...Dookie (Green Day circa 1994)? I have Nimrod too, but I bought Dookie after. Either that or Celine Dion. I blame Napster.

Song playing right now: Craig David - Unbelievable

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
  • Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland - Dilemma (PB&J song from Chown 215)
  • Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Gayface + me song the night we watched Titanic and cried our eyes out and then went home and memorized the lyrics to this song and played it over and over again until we knew every single word)
  • Daniel Schutte - Here I Am, Lord (Favorite song from mass/church...are you with me, Amy?)
  • Backstreet Boys - How Did I Fall In Love With You (Lindsay...looking at the glow in the dark stars on your ceiling without our coke-bottle glasses on, lying on your bed)
  • Ciara - My Goodies/50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit (OH STA!)

    Five people to whom I'm passing the baton: I don't even know who reads this, but I'll just pick some people who I know have blogs - P-Unit, AVL (don't you dare pick all BSB songs, you dumbhead), Eunice, Klinds, Lise

  • Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Never again...

    Shoeless Tuesdays with Sta tonight.
    I've never eaten anything as spicy in my life.
    I already had dinner so I asked for 6 hot, 6 suicide.
    Note to self: they call it suicide for a reason, idiot.
    Usually they don't put enough sauce on it so I even asked for EXTRA sauce.
    Uh huh...
    So I ate 6 wings all together and decided that I probably should stop, seeing as how I dehydrated whatever was inside me since arrival and further eating would cause me severe health problems.

    It was that bad.

    I'll update you all on school at the end of the week.
    I'm holding out for potential good news.

    Sunday, September 11, 2005


    Quite unlike me...

    ...but it's 11:39pm the day before school starts and I've realized that I have brought enough clothes to clothe a nation, yet I have next to no pencils, pens, binders, paper...and I left my clipboard with all my placement stuff in Toronto. I lost my pencil case too - with the calculator I've had since grade nine. That may not seem sad to most of you...but that's pretty sad to me. I've also bought no textbooks yet - again, not sad for you...but I'm usually the first nerd in the damn bookstore.

    Also, I've left one of my 2 essential printer cords at home.

    Current useful stock in my room:
    - 1 textbook (from last year)
    - a box of 12 blue Papermate pens
    - 3 yellow highlighters

    Ok. Amy's coming over now with her surplus of colored pens.

    And so it begins...

    ...Elixir, Royal Angkor, LDA, Goodlife,'s like I never left.

    It's been so busy moving in, getting settled, getting school stuff ready...ahem...partying with JGW.

    Happy birthday, Janice! Last night was was good seeing absolutely everyone and nice to have J.Lo and Lise visit even though they're out making the big bucks on internship in Toronto. We're going to miss you guys! Bain isn't going to be the same without you. Where am I going to get provisions when we're sleeping over night in the undergrad lounge, Lise? Who's going to be crazy enough to sleep in the lounge overnight with me? Who's going to send me good music, J.Lo, when we should be studying? Hi Amy.

    JGW was so drunken last night...good times. I'm glad you had fun!!

    School starts ya. Back to the grind, indeed.

    The B&B where I'm living is pretty nice. Cable, internet, meals, and laundry service are all included. Not to mention I can practically see my school building from where I live.

    I had #1 for lunch with Diq, Joanna, and Pat. I've been waiting all summer!
    Tonight...dinner with Sta at Curry Village...

    This (half) year's going to be good...I can feel it. Amy's back from Asia and ready to live the Good Life with me. Puneet will join "as soon as she gets a car". Princess and Snuffy GTs. Diq getting into minimal trouble, hopefully. Homecoming.

    I miss you already, Scarley.

    Time flies...

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    "I'm pretty special"... - Sta

    Quote of the weekend.
    My arms are aching from the gym with Amy and J.Lo. I miss you girls! Thanks for making it out. I'm not sure if its my arms or shoulders...or...who knows...I'm going to be out of commission for awhile. Brutal. How does this affect my golf swing for Friday?

    So everyone went back to Kingston today - JGW, Sta, Diq, Jodie...sad.

    Fun shopping day with Scarley...and quite possibly the last time I see her for a YEAR! Unless any of you want to come to London, England with me after graduation.

    You know it's back to school when your QLINK gets bombarded with e-mails from SRT. Good news though: Monday morning class has already been cancelled. Called Gap in Kingston to confirm employment and availability...I can't believe I'm actually going back. I could just stay here and play golf, tennis, gym, & eat good food forever...

    They're already talking about clothing sales and the traditional graduate class' wine and cheese mingle with the profs...oh dear.

    I'm not ready.

    P.S. I miss Princess too...I'm coming soon, geared up and ready to party one last time (until the next weekend).

    Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    Oh, the irony...

    What's there to inquire? Save yourselves the money (you need on).
    It's a crisis of confidence unlike anything America has felt in a generation. Residents of tiny Newton, Iowa, wake up to the distressing news that a Chinese firm - What's it called? Haier? That's Chinese? - wants to buy their biggest employer, the famed but foundering Maytag appliance company. Two days later, out of nowhere, a massive, government-owned Chinese oil company muscles into the bidding for America's Unocal. The very next day a ship in Xinsha, China, loads the first Chinese-made cars bound for the West, where they'll compete with the products of Detroit's struggling old giants.
    All in one week. And only two months earlier a Chinese company most Americans had never heard of took over the personal computer business formerly owned - and mismanaged into billions of dollars of losses - by the great IBM.

    - Geoffrey Colvin, Can Americans Compete?
    Fortune Magazine, July 25, 2005

    P.S. Mark, if you actually friggin' took my room in the house I'm going to kick your ass.

    Monday, September 05, 2005


    No comment.

    Saturday, September 03, 2005

    Busy, tired, busy...tired...

    Shakespeare in the Park last night in High Park. Awesome show (Much Ado About Nothing), great cast, and very witty. SUSHI. Visited Felise Uy at IBM...she is the biggest slacker ever. Her day = log in, pool, foosball, lunch, ping pong, log out.

    Sorry the updates have been crappy lately...when I get back to Kingston and have more time on my hands, I'll be sure to update a lot more :)

    Friday, September 02, 2005

    Dear me...


    Yours truly,
    R. Dessle


    Great night with Amy and J.Lo at Astoria! Awesome food, awesome dessert, great location! Thanks Amy for the suggestion. Good We've all come a long way girls...a LONG, LONG way. Thanks for being there through it all...

    ...and thank you to Amy, J.Lo, Lise, Sads, Vaani, and Li'l for great b-day presents! I loved them all. Please come over for (hopefully) yummy food sometime.

    And sorry to Brando Hui for mix up re: bubbletea or TENNIS tonight. Frig.
    Why does this always happen? Or not happen? Hahahahaa...

    Thursday, September 01, 2005


    Biked downtown yesterday. Was exhausted. Biked back. Read Da Vinci Code. Met some guy on the bike path and chatted about oil, energy crisis, the fact that 50% of medical journal articles are paid for by pharmaceutical companies who get a doc to sign off on. Hum dinger. He was a "medical writer". Anyhoo, it was kind of sketch biking by the Don River. But oh well. Dramammamaamamama summer.*

    *Sentences are not in order.