Thursday, March 31, 2005

Snuffy + Princess = love

Today was productive - went to my morning class 'cause I felt guilty about skipping both today and instead of paying attention to the woman I read this article for my exam tomorrow. Should have just stayed at home. Ate some really filling Curry Village food for lunch and then bought bling bling rings at Sterling with Stella! I need to make a list of everything I want but can't afford...hahaha...

Indian food has anti-gymming ingredients...going to be lazy today and lounge around at home instead. Weird.

Elixir - Triplet fun!!! And Jodie from the J-Crew!!! Looking forward.
Sin City on's gonna be good. FINAL FOUR WEEKEND...expect some exciting posts.
Rock climbing @ the Boiler Room Sunday with Lise, Jeremy & J.Lo!!

So when is my group protocol going to get done?

It's the end of the year...someone feed me some motivation!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I'm SO FULL. Who eats a McChicken meal + 6 Chicken McNuggets for lunch and then eats 3 large stuffed ground chicken tortillas for dinner? SICK.

Thoughts of the day:

Next time you're carrying those groceries home from A&P (or Food Basics) and your elevator's broken...and you decided to buy the 5L vegetable oil today instead of the 1L...and you went for the already made Tropicana juice instead of those frozen concentrate things...and your forearm flexors are crying out, your quads want to give out, and your traps want to die...remember that you are stronger than that.

And next time you're on the bike in spin class, and the instructor tells you to put on some more tension...but you've been cycling for 1 hour already and you're ready to pass out right on top of your bike...remember that you are stronger than that.

Next time some idiotic slutface gives you a dirty look and you SOOOO badly want to slap that face but you don't want herpes and you really really wanna say "&@*!&#* you *@&(*#@#(* HOE &*@(@!(@* you mother &*@!#&(*#()!!!!!!!!!"...remember that you are stronger than that.

And finally...if _______ ever breaks your heart...remember that they were stupid, stocky, lonely, pathetic, ugly, rude, pretentious, short, weak, (insert adjectives here) anyway...and that karma really does happen. They seem all put together and successful right now...but sooner or later someone will slash their tires ;-)

You're stronger than you think you are.

Happy Wednesday!!


OK. No kidding around anymore. I just missed the best weekend of my life because I'm an IDIOT. Next year: I'm buying tickets to the closest NCAA men's tourney location. WHO'S DOWN?

PostScript: I am also applying for Final Four tickets.
Whatever the hell I'm going to be doing next March is gonna have to work around it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Back to reality...

...the reality of basketball passion that is.

UNC...MCCANTS!!! If you win I will love you guys forever. Why do profs schedule things during the Final Four anyways? 20% midterm and 20% final project due in between the Final Four and the championship game. Are you nuts? It should be good. Kick some Spartan ass.

2 more weeks of school.
24 days until my final exam is over and I'm moving out of this puppy.
34 days until I start placement.
88 days until Vancouver.

Oh, another thought: I think I should hit up club Stauffer - haven't been there in a year or so. Literally...if you can believe it. I think my grades have actually IMPROVED since then. Apparently it's the place to be...all the whackos hang there...

...excluding my beloved Princess and...Jodie...and...Lil Jess...and...uh...


Monday, March 28, 2005


To err is human; to forgive, infrequent.
- Franklin P. Adams

On the eve of the one-year anniversary and as I try my best to think back that long...

I've been wondering for 365 days...

Are you happy?

Not that you deserve it, but I would just like to know.

You know in elementary school when you used those crappy erasers they used to give you for free before Mike Harris? Yeah. You are to me what that eraser is to paper. No matter how hard you frigging erase you can always see the mistake you made underneath. You erase so hard you rip a friggin' hole in the paper and you have to start all over...

The eraser is good for nothing but cutting into bits to chuck at the supply teacher.

I want to start over. I've started over.

As I grapple to come to terms with my anger, resentment, and fear...I still occasionally have those weak moments of wanting to pick up the phone.

Time for that good quality Staedtler eraser. No more cheap ass pieces of shit not worth another minute of my time.

Today is the beginning.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


It's already 10pm and I've done nothing since I've been back except for unpack and watch the 2OT MSU/UK game. Weekend was great! Some partying (Afterlife Reunion was fun), Choo Choo train hits the spot, pool, shopping, "Alfie", and sleeping at 8pm Friday night for 14 hours. All I gotta say is...I love you, UNC. Please marry me.
I'm going to apply for Final Four tickets and I'll see you in 2006.

Afterlife was...well I'm not sure. We stayed at the bar next to the entrance the entire night. I didn't even have time between vodka and Soho to look downstairs.

I missed my Princess this weekend! Shopping this week and I can't wait to party with you on Friday!

Looks like it's going to be an all-nighter week. Probably should get started on that now...


Cut your losses.

Like in poker. Cut your friggin' losses.
You feel like you've gone so far while losing so feel like you'll win one day. One day soon.

Okay fine.
So you picked Michigan State every year 'cause they're your team. EVERY YEAR. And they disappoint you every decide that this year you're not gonna take that chance with them and you pick Wake Forest. BAAAAM KABOOOM MSU is in the Final Four. (Sorry, Rich).

FYI: This is a special case. This is March Madness. If March Madness were life, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this.

So you think you can win...
Not necessarily, my dearies. Not necessarily. When all signs point to no, it means NO. Capital. Flashing. Red. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...dude, it's a flippin' duck.

Now, before I continue, this post isn't about me in particular. It was just a 3:25AM.

A second thought...
I saw "Alfie" tonight. On one hand, Jude Law is mother HOT. On the other...I'm freakin' glad karma kicks people's asses.

Peace out, assholes.

PostScript: Happy thoughts tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm as rock solid as a...rock...

Goggle power!! WHAAAT!

As some of you might know if you know me well - I have since first year used goggles (the rubber band part) to open the classico di parma Four Cheese sauce (see image below) that I eat on a regular basis because it is delectable!


After 8+ hours a week at the gym, hardcoring it like never before...and wasting my life away (as many of you know)...I CAN NOW OPEN THE JAR WITH MY OWN BRACHIORADIALIS, FLEXOR DIGITORUM SUPERFICIALIS AND...palmaris longus?!!! WOOOOOOOOOT.

Thank you. No applause neccessary.
You can make donations on the way out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I need to stop eating food that doesn't match. It's gonna kill me one day.

E.g. For "lunch" I ate a grilled cheese sandwich, Skor ice cream, and Sour Skittles; for dinner I ate pasta and am now proceeding to eat more ice cream - too bad I ate all the Skittles.

And who could forget the Doritos, m&m's, and Tim Horton's coffee I had leaving McDonald's where I ate a Filet-O-Fish meal and 6 Chicken McNuggets.


Oh well, time to veg on the couch.


It's Tuesday and I'm still recuperating. I'm sleepy. I just wanna lie on my couch and watch Alias...why do I have so much work to do?! Ok, I have no time to write in my blog today - I can't put off buying ink any longer. My assignments need to be printed out.

Weekend in the T.Dot...looking forward to the Easter Bunny. It's gonna be a busy one...2 weeks left of school!! :)

Things getting me through boring lectures and meaningless assignments:
- Elite 8 and Sweet 16 weekend - UNC UNC UNC UNC UNC
- Big family dinner on Saturday!
- Niagara Falls and losing all my money?
- Bubbletea nights and all-you-can-eat sushi days

Monday, March 21, 2005

CAISA Fashion Show + Pheonix Afterparty @ Western

Jacked @ Cocamo


Magog Part II

Drop it like it's hot

56 points against the Raptors. WOOT.
And to think I almost slept in and missed my bus from London to Toronto.
It's fate knocking at our door.

Highlights from the insano weekend:
- "JACKED" Friday @ the 'Mo for DiQ's jam
- Talking to Janice until 4:30am so we only had 2 hours to sleep before Western
- Rushing to the bus to find out we were the first people there
- Sleepy bus ride
- Shopping at a ghetto-ass mall for 2 hours
- Waiting on the bus for an hour to get rooms sorted out to find out our room had 1 bed, "broken" washroom light, keys that were wonky...
- Checker cab that stole our money
- All-you-can-eat sushi with Vicky, my love!
- Rush, rush, rush
- CAISA fashion show...minor glitches but mother-hot people and good breakdancers and beatboxer
- Chug-a-lug-athon at the hotel, while watching Wake vs. W. Virginia and Janice doing the unthinkable - TURNING OFF THE TV during OT!!
- Partying like it was 1999 while my bracket was on it's deathbed as Kansas, BC, Wake, Oklahoma, and Gonzaga lost this Black Weekend
- Tris updating me on NCAA news because I accidentally made plans during second round weekend
- Drinking like a fish
- Seeing people I didn't even remember, people I never thought I would see again, people that brought me back...
- Dance Mix '95 party @ Pheonix, yet still surprisingly fun
- "But he never talks to me and now he is and I WANT TO STAY!!!!!"
- "If we don't leave right now I'm going to puke. RIGHT NOW."
- "Is he nice to you? Because if he isn't...remember that hes a #^%&*($ jerk."
- "Damn yo, he's love!"
- Michelle, Jess, and Vicky reunion!
- *PUKEPUKEPUKE* - "Why are you making fun of me you &^&*@^ asshole?? Do you want me to kill you??? It's not FUNNY!!!"
- "Do you wanna come to our afterparty? I might not be there but you can come anyways."
- "I'm mad that you guys came and broke us up!!!!"
- Running away from the cops and bouncers threatening Janice with a $200 fine for not leaving the club after Pukefest 2005...twice...
- Running away from the manager and hotel security at 4am in the stairwell after catching Janice G.'s continuation of Pukefest 2005
- Knocking on the door until what feels like forever
- Alex knocking on the door at 430am looking for the afterparty
- Sleeping for 10 minutes before 3 fire alarms went off
- Almost sleeping in through my bus (AND THUS, LEBRON!) 'cause my cell phone died
- Missioning it to Greyhound for my 830am bus to Toronto
- Sneaking down to the gold seats at the ACC to watch my 'Bron get his game on before we got kicked out
- Lebron scoring 56 points just for me @ ACC
- Taking the Tricolour that almost never came at 7:50pm back to Kingston...
- 1:20am and ready to start my 25% presentation at 8:30am

Friday, March 18, 2005


Day One of March Madness...and the bracket breaking has begun...damn you Milwaukee, UAB, Pacific, W. Virginia. I'm so excited yet still really sad about not going to Syracuse. Quite a scare Wake and Illinois gave me today...but other than that what an awesome St. Patrick's Day! Kobe vs. Shaq too!

I'm not really in the mood to write though...more afer the crazy 1st weekend, I promise.

Friday - Jacked @ the 'Mo
Saturday - Western!
Sunday - Bron, my love...

It's gonna be a good one ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Thanks, Stella! Pictures from Elixir and figure it out.


Janice G. + me in our room!




We're too healthy. Our bodies definitely deserved this after the beating it got.

Bye-bye Magogers!

Monday, March 14, 2005


My bracket - click to enlarge.

Btw, Tristan is the guy version of me.

Keeners ruin life. Keeners who also have no social skills and cannot do presentations and who make you talk the whole time 'cause they're too scared suck too. I don't mind the talking part...but that means I have to find more stuff and do more work to talk about. You CRAPPER CRAP CRAP!!

You're lucky I'm in a good mood 'cause it's March Madness. If by ANY chance UNC are going to feel my wrath, Miss Keen-Keen!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Hahaha...had an awesome weekend with Jay, Stella, and Janice G.! My knees are busted along with me ankles, wrists, shoulders, delts, pecs, rotator cuff, quads and hip flexors. Muscles I didn't know I HAD hurt. And it is the best feeling in the world! The first 4k run took us (only!) 3 hours! Hahaha...we are too good for you. No amount of Bodypump or spinning could compare to falling flat on your face every 3 seconds. You know those wrist rotation warm-up/stretches you do during gym class in high school? And you wonder why you do those 'cause what the heck would you need your wrist muscles for? Snowboarding, dude. Snowboarding. Falling everytime we got off the chair lift was fun. Ate at St. Hubert's on Saturday night! So good. McDonald's on the way home was so good too. Hahaha...roasting marshmellows (well, Stella anyway)...yum! Thanks, Stella! Fell asleep watching Minority Report on TV before 10pm. Good stuff, guys. Woke up 11 hours later and couldn't move my body. "It feels like someone punched me all over". Did a few runs and got a bit better...spent less time on my bum. We were definitely the loudest and worst snowboarders there. Conditions were great...Janice G. and I were the FIRST people to go on the newly groomed snow and we totally wasted it because we fell all the time and created big potholes for the next people. Lucky Stella got to ride with the snow grooming man and I made a friend on the ski lift! Great times! Thanks Jay for attempting to teach me and being patient and driving sleepy and planning! Thanks Janice G. for staying with me when I was sucky suckass on the 4k run. Thanks Stella for the gooey marshmellows and the nice mittens! Must do again when I recuperate.

NCAA MADNESS!!!!!! So much to say, where to begin?
Washington? WHOA.
UPSETS? I can smell 'em already. UAB.
Can it finally be there Gators' year?
First round craziness.
Syracuse bracket!! I really wish I bought tickets. At this point, I would have gone myself to see my 'Heels in the sweet 16 and elite 8. Frig. Bad judgment call, Jess.
J.J. who?
Kentucky how?

Check my next blog for my bracket. More to come when I'm not dying of lactic acid buildup.

Oh, and I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend!!
Cocamo Friday for "Jacked" - msg for details/tickets.
WESTERN!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU VICKY!! I'm coming soon!!!
Bron - I'm coming to see you too! Can't wait for our first date!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Indian food + Hump night!

Fun times with the triplets! Things got even better when the love of my life arrived. And Colin Farrell wasn't too shabby either. Oddball crowd...why did they move the party from Stages to Elixir all of a sudden? Weirdos...go back to where you belong...hhaha. Kinda weird music too...overall just an "experience". Or maybe I didn't have enough drinks.

Looking forward to:

Adrian's "white" food
Deb Chen + Cambodiana!
Roasting marshmellows by the fireplace :)
Selection sunday and my UNC tarheels! Don't know the meaning of it.

P.S. Someone told me "girls like UNC because it's a cute baby blue".
P.P.S. I say..."ever heard of a guy...his name is Michael Jordan?" Oh, and you can kiss my hiney.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Just say "NO"

Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in Lebanon's capital, Beirut, to applaud Syria's role in the country and reject Western "interference".

The only vaguely similar phenomenon (referring to the protests in Beirut) was in 1989, when thousands of people, not all of them Christians, rallied around the controversial Christian Prime Minister, General Michel Aoun, at the presidential palace in Baabda after he had declared war on Syria and vowed to "break the head of the Alawite regime in Damascus".

Barely 18 months later, after a sapping inter-Christian war between Mr Aoun and the main Christian militia, Syrian troops descended on Baabda and Mr Aoun fled to the French embassy and later to exile in France.

The Syrian move had a green light from Washington.

Damascus was backing the US-led coalition against Saddam Hussein in Kuwait at the time, so things were different.

The bottom line? You don't do what the Americans like, you get screwed for life, your daughter's life, and your daughter's daughter's life.

You don't see international governments invading the United States or threatening them regarding their own actions in their country, do you? When was the last time you heard Syria telling the US to fix its homeless problem? To pay off their debt to the UN? To pay more attention to the economy? Health care? Sure, Syrian foreign troops in Lebanon...but what about feeding your own citizens? Why don't you start looking after your own people before you stick your nose elsewhere? Fix your own problems before you try to fix someone elses. Too bad about that universal equation that you can't seem to shake:


Here's the "Scoop"...

I believe basketball is the metaphor for life.

Can I get a what what

I'm going SNOWBOARDING!!! It's finalized!! Jay has clicked the CONFIRM button on his screen!!!! WOOOT!!!
This is what I'm going to look like this weekend:

Except I'm going to either be sitting on my ass or rolling down the hill on my side or accidentally going off a ski jump into a forest! WHEEEEE!!! Can't wait!!

I hope we're back for the NCAA Selection Sunday show.

Missed both my classes today...I needed to recuperate from the craziest week and a half ever. Things are slightly slowing down (e.g. two 20% assignments and a 25% presentation next week).

Tonight: Hotel Rwanda and Million Dollar Baby avec PB&J
Tomorrow: Curry Village, drinks, Elixir - triplet date!
Thursday: Cambodiana with my favorite Deb Chen

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fo shizzle...

I'm exhausted. Craziest week in a long time. Work too hard. Damn that soy sauce chicken and stirfry, mahjong and jasmine tea party on Friday night!
Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis presentation tomorrow...we're gonna kill it!

I love my UNC. ACC champs even without McCants! Too good in the paint, too good on the boards, too good, too good. You J.J. Redick + Duke 3-point shooting whitefolk can't handle the brute force of my tarheels!
Take that you Duke know who you are...:)
Ahh...the start of another long week.

PostScript: to all you believers and here


10:15am the morning after. How many hours must you sleep before you can classify it as "after"? I think I'll just call it the morning. And to all of you with me last night...I didn't make my meeting, you jerks...and my partner called me this morning. No one is ever going to want to be my partner again. Hhaha. I totally need the MSN face with the dude about to get sick. (Don't worry, I'm not getting sick, but it just most clearly represents the feeling at the moment). I guess $1.50 drinks will do that to you.

Probably shouldn't have gone out last night. Paying for it huge academically and physically this morning. How am I going to watch the tripleheader today (most importantly - Duke/UNC at 4pm) and go to work from 5-11pm and know anything for my presentation tomorrow??

Well, you know how there's always room for dessert? There's always time for NCAA in my life.

Some highlights:
"I'm so excited for your LOVE!!"
*heart shaped hands and body*
" you wanna drink?"
...and that's all I remember

Saturday, March 05, 2005

NCAA Championship Week!

Who's ready!!

Louisville just won the C-USA Conference!

Looking forward to the ACC champsionship March 10-13. Duke? North Carolina? Wake?
Vlad, if you read this...remember our bet.
(Duke = Vlad, UNC = me, Wake = Tris)

I can't wait!!! What a good month March is going to be in between 60% projects, 50% presentations and a million 20% assignments!!!

March madness, CAISA fashion show, snowboarding...AND I'm going to see LeBron!!!
All with the ones I love*...
1. Raymond Felton, Sean May, Rashad McCants
2. Kelenna Azubuike and Rajon Rondo
3. Janice G. Wong, Jay Suen, and Stella Tsang
4. Vicky Chau!!
5. LeBron James!!!!!!!

*Quantity of love not necessarily in that order (I think...)

What could be better? :)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Today is the best day of my life!!!

Thank you Dr. Salter! Thank you, thank you, thank you so so so so much!! I know you'll never read this but just know how grateful I am in your heart. If you ever need any babyGap clothes for your newborn I'll hook it up fo shizzle.

Take that you muscle spindles! You Golgi tendon organs!! You gait mechanics! You action potentials! You fat torque boy sitting on a see saw with a smaller kid sitting on the other side...move closer and even it out!!

I passed biomechanics and I'm on top of the world!! Can't touch this!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


A little bird told me that the pancake link didn't work anymore. If you didn't make it here before eBay took it down, it was a link to some dude who was selling a pancake on eBay. It was pancake he had cooked in his pan at home. HAHAHAAHAHA. He was totally mocking the whole online auction thing eBay has come to be known for. He even had a picture of the cardboard box he personalized to ship the pancake to you. It was quite fluffy from what I remember, however, you better be really hungry if you want the goods...when I checked it out it was at a whopping $75 USD.

Smiles and giggles...

...for assignment extensions!
I love Wednesdays. No class until 4pm. And sometimes I don't even go to that one!

Some fishy stuff is going on in America to say the least and I believe I will take on the civil responsibility of telling the public (from an anti-Republican viewpoint, of course).

1. Jay told me a bunch of stuff that an Enron exec told him in a presentation at Queen's. Stuff ranges from fabricating the entire Afghanistan and Iraq situation in order to implement "stable governments" in those countries. This was to please big oil companies in order to secure a pipeline in the Middle East. If this is true, that means 9/11 must have been a ploy to blame someone (Osama) or somewhere (Afghanistan) for the terrorist attack. Could Bush and the US be so incredibly sick and corrupt that they would have staged 9/11 in order to start their oil monopoly of the Middle East and to make their oil counterparts happy (as they expressed the sentiment that they would not back an oil pipeline if it was in a country without a stable government because their investments would be compromised)?

2. Assassination of ex-Lebanon PM Hariri staged as well? Hmm...another tactic by the Bush administration to blame Syria in order to create tension there and perhaps as a lead into "invading" them sometime too? Can't really use the "unstable government" excuse this time to declare a war (btw, 75% of victims of war are civilians)...must think of something better...and this seems like a good excuse.
It is still unclear what caused the massive explosion, but a little-known group calling itself Victory and Jihad in Greater Syria has issued a statement claiming the killing, saying it was a suicide bomb, says the BBC's Kim Ghattas in Beirut.

The authenticity of the statement could not be verified. <---how convenient...

The White House condemned the attack and said Lebanon should be allowed to pursue its political future "free from violence... and free from Syrian occupation".

3. Iranian nuclear weapons...sounds familiar, no?
Tehran is told it must be more transparent about its nuclear programme in a united call by the US, Europe and UN.

More transparent? North Korea has issued many statements about the fact that nuclear weapons have been developed, are being developed and are currently present in their country. Doesn't seem like anyone cares about that...oh yeah, 'cause they got no oil. I say North Korea should just bomb America's ass to show them what they're made of - a lot of uranium.

4. To continue...I bet you guys all know about the Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Lebanon...all I want to ask is: What about the fighting in Congo? Guerrillas in the Philippines? Crack in South America? Human rights in Nepal? Aids in Africa? Child slavery in Asia? The incredible violation of human rights in Guantánamo Bay?
Does anyone see a pattern here? It begins with the letters O-I-L.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What the...

'Zo back to the Heat, Employee Number 8 back to the Celtics? Carter Player of the MONTH? What is going on in the NBA? They are having their own March Madness...

Anyway, bad day today. The end.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
- Henry David Thoreau

Happy birthday to my coolest cousin Gayface :-)